The Evolution of Classroom Technology (infographic)

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

We’ve come a long way. From writing and carving symbols on old scrolls and tablets to the SMART schools of today. All the way back in 1925, Thomas Edison said that “Books will soon be obsolete in schools.” Sound familiar?The infographic below from webanywhere shows us some trends in classroom technology over the years

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There’s no specific timeline but these folks say that the primitive classroom was the original model. According to them, it all started with primitive books called Horn Tablets to old fashion projectors before moving to radio and overhead projectors. Edudemic also gives us a detailed journey from the Horn book to some bizarre technologies like the Skinner's teaching machine and even what they called 'liquid paper' (the original correction fluid)Classroom technology is being used today for a wide number of reasons:to enrich lesons, encourage collaboration and loads more. Jenn Reviews gives an excellent discussion on the benefits of Classroom tech, including tips on how to create a Future Ready School.Here in Nigeria, our classroom technologies haven’t really evolved so much. From slate to books. Chalkboards to white boards. After the adoption of calculators things in the classroom pretty much remained the same. Why? I think it might be for any number of these 3 challenges.

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evolution of classroom technology infograph

Image source: webanywhere[/caption]How else do you think classroom technology has evolved in Nigeria? Comment below to join the conversation