3 Reasons Why Distinction.ng Matters

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Year after year National Dailies are filled with heart wrenching headlines about plummeting WAEC, NECO and JAMB results. Nigerians question the stability of the learning environment, the teachers’ delivery as well as the level of difficulty on the exams themselves. More so, the fingers are pointed at the students, who spend hours on end on their mobile, while putting less time and effort in exam preparation.Yes, the problem is all over the place and numerous policies & procedures have been set in place to counter that. Yes, no one knows when or IF they will be effectively implemented. All we know is, we don’t have the patience to wait...Our main concern is to do our part to prepare the future leaders of tomorrow. Which is why we came up with Distinction.ng, whose soft launched is today, the 26th January 2016.

So, why does it matter?


Free access to JAMB, NECO and WAEC past questions. This gives you a chance to improve your knowledge in major subjects, monitor your progress and receive immediate feedback.


We took the standard definition of the word “Simple” into great consideration. Which in our term means easy navigation on a really slick learning app you can download on your mobile, as well as on other web device. So you can practice as many times as you want, whenever, wherever.


With the gradual adoption of Computer Based Tests by external exam bodies, we have taken into consideration the need for students to adapt to a consistent test environment and prepare better for similar upcoming exams.To join the expereince, visit Distinction.ng