Dealing With Procrastination

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Are you always apologizing for turning in work late? Or do you feel guilty that you always miss a deadline? Or perhaps you always postpone doing your work till the next day, next week,next year or probably never? And if you did finish the work, was it at the last possible minute after scrambling for time? Then it is safe to say that you are guilty of procrastination.

Recommended: Try these 6 Time Management Tips According to Mr. Munyua, who is a psychologist, “Procrastination is the inability to undertake urgent duties with the haste they deserve.” He adds that it could be as a result of a habit — “choosing not to take things seriously and execute them promptly, which later turns into bad behaviour”. Procrastination is both a behavioural and a psychological issue.Here’s the crust of the matter: Many people are procrastinators, and they do not even know it. Sometimes procrastination can be good for a few hours of sleep and slumber, but not particularly good when I have to push forward writing an article because I just don’t have the right word or phrase to start the piece. I need to go get the inspiration, once I do,I embark on writing and occasionally, I have to type it while on the move. The bottom line is that Procrastination always has a downside. So why procrastinate? CAUSES OF PROCRASTINATIONAfter a little research, personal evaluation and brief interactions, it is safe to say that there could be 3 major different causes of Procrastination for different people as stated below

  • Poor Planning: This is a major cause as many people like to plan work based on their importance and urgency. Hence priority is given to the urgent aspects, thus introducing delays on the important aspects of work. They just find at the end of the day that the important aspects of work are either carried out inefficiently or not at all.
  • The Perfectionist’s cravings: Some people wait to do work to its best, and when they do get started, they nitpick on the finer details to ensure that nothing is missed. This could be advantageous, but not when there’s a whole lot more to do to paint a larger picture. In the end, a little hiccup on the way leads to great procrastination on the part of the perfectionist.
  • Distraction: As much as we’d all love a few extra hours on twenty-four, it’s just not happening. Time is scarce, and distractions, no matter how little, take a chunk from the time allotted to work. Hence time for work should not be

OVERCOMING PROCRASTINATIONBelow are some of the the suggested ways to over procrastination:

  • Have a plan: This is very important and the first step to take to overcome procrastination either as a student, worker, or a business person. This plan should involve you setting priorities based on importance and urgency and writing them down on paper. This makes work real and makes you committed.
  • Have deadlines : You should give yourself a personal deadline before the stipulated one as this helps to ensure that you are always ahead of time and you are sure to finish a particular task when you ought to and not keep it till tomorrow to avoid delays.
  • Avoid distractions: You should try to avoid distractions no matter how little they may be, from social media to chats with friends while carrying out a task as this could slow down your working pace or cause you to make mistakes which could prevent you from meeting up with your set or stipulated deadline. I’d like to think you would not want that.

We would love you to share some challenges that cause you to procrastinate and how you have overcome them. Please drop your comments below.