Curriculum Based Assessment (Part 2)

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Computer Based Test; For all Stakeholders.Test TakersFor the hardworking Test Takers -despite what your parents or teachers say ;)- there are several benefits for being introduced to a tool that puts CBAs into practice. For the most part, that tool would ideally be one with individual development monitoring. Now that’s a bonus because you get to see if you “Rule” or “Drool”. It would allow you take tests in preparation for external exams such as WAEC or NECO. The software would allow login and practice for a specified or unlimited amount of time, either online or in offline mode. This simply means you get to download the question! It would also have a teacher/examiner review and feedback to ensure that exams are not only used to assess your understanding but also as a tool for learning. Every student wants to send that golden broadcast message to all his/her relatives showing off their results, which only pays off after considerable hard work. Well fear not, because CBT prepares you, dearest test taker.TeachersExperience has allowed teachers know that no classroom is ideal or uniform, as different students are bound to have different levels of understanding on varying topics. Keeping that in mind, a dynamic CBT that will benefit teachers should therefore have a Tracking -not stalking- feature for students’ performances in different topics. Teachers armed with this data can then have an Eagle’s Eye view of which topics are generally understood or otherwise. As well as which students require a more tailored approach, in order to help them learn and improve. Imagine being an Old McDonald that can tell which woodchuck chucks which wood and what wood is good for the woodchuck and all that. Brilliant right? That is CBT for you, dearest Teacher.ParentsParents can undoubtedly have peace of mind when they ask their kids to study now, only with CBT. No more fights, pointless arguments nor will there be need to play detective to find out if they actually studied!If Tish and Maama are asked to go and practice past questions and they come out an hour later with all sorts of claims, how can Mummy Dorcas tell if they really did? Easy-peasy, she checks their CBT profile and looks at the tests they claimed to have taken to confirm. She could even decide to quiz them further on the questions they missed just to be extra sure they learnt something.CBT supports:

  • Devices such as Computers, Tablets & Smartphones
  • Both Online & Offline
  • Paced Learning (at one’s own time)
  • Tracking personal progress on any topic in any/different subjects.

The continuous cycle below is typically what is employed in a Curriculum Based Assessment for all levels of learning. This helps both parent & teacher pin-point the success of instructional methods used and develop more measurable goals and objectives that will lead to extra-meaningful progress for students.

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