A Smart Course Registration System

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

A Smart Course registration system.

Almost every university or tertiary institution now allows students to enroll and register their courses online. This is provided via a school portal or a centralized records management system. The system is typically pre-configured with basic information such as the course list of every faculty and department for each class level, along with corresponding course units, course details and the semester of the course. Once the system admin or enrollment officer populates the system with new student accounts, they get to log-in and register their courses each semester.Easy enough right?

Productivity tip: With SRMS, You don’t have to enroll each new student into the system. Successful Applicants can simply be migrated - along with all their data - from the Online Application Platform (OAA) to their respective department’s database with just a few button clicks.

Online Course Registration basically solves 3 major problems

  1. Convenience – for academic staff who do not have to deal with influx of students in their offices to register courses and for the students themselves who can do all of this on their mobile devices.
  2. Less paperwork - for school admin and lecturers to manage
  3. and Minimal Human Error.

This third point is a no-brainer! And for a course registration system to be truly effective, it should be able to reduce the chances of error/mix up during registration to at least 0.001%.SRMS Course Registration module works together with Result Processing and other modules to ensure processes are effortlessly streamlined.This allows for the following smart features:

  • Students who have failed a prerequisite course are automatically blocked from registering the ensuing course next semester.
  • Students cannot register courses which exceed their set course unit load.
  • Core courses are automatically selected and elective courses are presented as options for registration
  • And if desired, SRMS Can force students to register carryovers first and foremost, before registering other courses for the semester.

Think of an automated system that integrates all other of the students records with the registration process.For this to work, the system has to be pre-configured with the following information:

  • The maximum number of units for each students per semester
  • The pre-requisite courses
  • Pre-requisite courses linked to subsequent courses
  • Optional/elective courses
  • School/dept Grading format i.e specific score range for carry-overs

In general, SRMS means less work for the lecturers, staff, department heads and most importantly 99% decrease in occurences of common course registration mix-ups.What a smart way to improve productivity and efficiency in any institution! Other features of SRMS:

  • Instant Transcript processing
  • Hostel Reservation & Allocation System
  • Reports Dashboard

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