Career Guidance: What is the role of teachers?

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

In systems like ours where Guidance and Counselling has not really received the recognition it deserves, it is not uncommon for you to find the roles to be filled by professionals in psychology or other related fields being filled by teachers. Even though teachers play a big role in career guidance, the question remainsIs it really their job?No, it’s not entirely theirs. According to Hooley, professor of psychology at University of Derby, teachers can play the following roles in career guidance:

  • They can advise students based on personal experiences
  • They can link subjects to the world of work. For example, showing students the real life applications of some scientific processes may help boost their interests in suc fields
  • They may also offer solutions when approached by students including referring those students to professionals.

Notice the importance I gave to the word “professional”. Because even though teachers play a vital role, Hooley emphasizes that ultimately there is a need for highly skilled individuals for career guidance to be carried out effectively. Hence, the need for professionals in those fields. In systems like ours, guidance counselors.Is that not what students in schools without effective guidance and counselling are missing out on? Once again, the role an effective guidance counselor fills in schools cannot be overemphasized. Don’t delay. Adopt the SAF Talk-2-Me strategy now and make your school stand out.Work with FlexiSAF in bringing out the best out of your students. Nigeria needs great leaders, help her build them starting from now!For more information about SAF Talk-2-Me, Leave your details in the form below, and you’ll hear from us soonest.Don’t forget to log on every Tuesday for fresh new articles just for you!See you soon! In your very own school!