Career Day By FlexiSAF: An Edu-citing Day At GHA

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

FlexiSAF was invited to speak at Great Heights Academy annual career day. This year, it was themed “ICT” and was organized for the secondary school students.It was quite a motivational moment seeing the girls getting excited about all the tech guys with overloaded bank accounts. Bill Gates and others, you name them. I said the day was “educiting”, So, you might be wondering, What is Educiting?Educative and exciting put together, edu-citing. Exactly how our school events should be, we should be “having fun while learning”. So, the day started off with an introduction about how ICT has come to stay and it’s becoming a global force. We can comfortably say we can’t do without it. Imagine not having a phone for a week! Next we looked at the subject requirements for JAMB and WAEC in order to pursue a career in ICT. The most important subject being mathematics. We looked at the various women in tech like Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and also discussed the various opportunities for women in tech.We then moved onto what’s involved in the different careers in ICT including among others, Database administration, Networking, Digital Marketing, Database Analysts and then my favourite-Software Engineering. Yes, because that’s our specialty at FlexiSAF. So, on coding, we discussed the future of the world and the dire need for more software engineers. We talked about why you should try coding even if you are planning to pursue other careers and we explored various platforms you can use to learn how to code.

What more?Quiz Time. We had really exciting quizzes, first we had an inter-class ICT quiz and the winning class, SS3, got a gift. For quiz number two, we asked for volunteers and three girls volunteered to speak about a career in ICT they intend to pursue and how they intend to make the world a better place. Aisha said:“I want to become a software engineer because I believe in solutions. Software is becoming a global problem solver, software provides a solution to almost every problem. ” Wow. She deserves a gift, and she got one.It didn’t stop at that. We also touched on various skills one needs to become a leader. We discussed the role of effective Guidance Counselling in our lives. I must admit they are quite fortunate because their school has got it right. We wish other schools will learn from them - our campaign SAF Talk2Me exists to raise the awareness about Guidance & Counselling matters in Schools.

As a vote of thanks, their Head girl said“Thank you so much FlexiSAF for this wonderful event. I know many of us can’t wait to become software engineers. I also want to become one and work with FlexiSAF. This workshop was quite educative and enlightening and we also had so much fun. Thank you so much. ”It couldn’t have ended on a better note.To learn about our SAFTalk2Me Campaign, Click here.What's your school's career day like? Share it with us in the form below!