Building a Reliable and Better Team Culture

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Learning How To Build a Better Team At Work

Knowing how to build a better team at work isn't that difficult. The best way to get things done in any business when you take a group of independently talented people is to merge their talents, the amount of energy and creativity released as a result of this merger would be remarkable. But how do you improve their performance, loyalty, engagement amongst others? Here are a couple of ways you can build an extraordinary team culture.

1. Picking right

A team is as good as the people that make it up as one wrong hire can have the ability to rock the whole boat, and not in a good way. Hiring new people shouldn’t be solely based on capabilities, with the right attitude, a team member can build their skills. Hire does with complementary skills and look for learning history/growth of the individual you are about to hire. Be diverse, if everyone has the same background or thought process then getting new and fresh ideas might be extremely difficult, having one or two outliers wouldn’t hurt.

2. Be team-oriented

In order for a plant to grow, you have to let it have some sunlight and water, even if it’s a cactus. Making teamwork one of your core values would be a step in the right direction. Empower your employees to make their own decisions, this would help them gain trust in themselves to see a project through while accepting responsibility for the outcome, whatever it might be. Assign responsibility and ensure that those assigned are equal to the task, it's not about increasing their workload, quality results should be the target.

how to build a better team at work

3. Growing in partnership

A job well done is a reflection of the individual who took charge and saw it to fruition. As a leader, the best legacy to leave is the positive impact you have made in the lives of those around you, your team. Actively mentor each member and open a world of possibilities for them through that. Practice tough love by pushing them to achieve more and be better individuals. Foster a good working relationship with your team, be willing to always lend a helping hand, to guide and correct.

4. Gratitude

As long as each person would be scolded for their failures, they should also be praised for a job well done. Let the team be aware of what they did right, and the impact of what they have done, this is so much better than saying “good job” and or “thank you” as they are better informed of the consequences of their actions and help them take the right steps while executing similar projects in the future. Gratitude motivates them, boosts their self-esteem and leads to constant improvement and better results. Remember it’s not about winning once, but succeeding steadily.

how to build a better team at work

5. Resources

There is no way you can make hot tea without hot water. Adequate resources which would help them communicate and work efficiently should be provided for each team to enable them to meet their target. A designated space should be made available for a regular meeting where they can give reports, brainstorm or make plans for the company. Make a budget and grant permission where needed for it to be spent as they see fit for the company.

6. Culture

Ensure that your vision and mission is clear to the team. Encourage teams to interact with one another by creating tasks that might involve multiple teams, this would help reduce any hostility and when employees have concerns, it is easier for them to solve the issues within themselves instead of elevating it to top management every chance they get.There you have it, our opinion on how to build a better team at work