6 Best Online Tutoring Platforms in Nigeria


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Online Tutoring in Nigeria - 6 Best Platforms in 2019

As educators and students seek for more ways to improve teaching and learning in this digital era - it is only reasonable to expect the increasing growth of education technology and all it’s associated tools, products, benefits, disadvantages and yes - challenges.For now, the major area where education technology has gained the most momentum and popularity is online learning itself - or e-learning.E-learning is a broad field that can be applied in various contexts. In simple terms, it refers to the practice of conducting learning through digital means. This can be either in the school, work place training or for personal consumption e.g a student or career professional trying to develop his/her skills. Foreign sites like Alison and Coursera provide LMS platforms through which learners can subscribe and access multimedia learning content of all sorts. In Nigeria, it is most common for people to seek out private tutors for personal lessons on different subjects - and it's never been easier to do that online, thanks to these 6 top online tutoring websites: 1. Tutor.ng

Best online tutor platforms in Nigeria

Tutor.ng offers professional training courses to learners at affordable monthly subscriptions and the convenience of online learning. Courses on tutor.ng range from Beauty and Fashion, I.T, skills and business.Registered tutors upload their content and learners can sign up and start learning any topic of their choice.2. Tuteria.com Tuteria is designed as a platform where students or their parents can find qualified subject experts around their area and book their tutoring services. Parents can book home tutors for their kids and other users can simply book tutors to learn from a wide range of subjects such as make up and other crafts.

Online tutoring sites in Nigeria

Of course, you can also register to become a tutor and make extra money by sharing your expertise on a subject you love. 3. City tutorCity tutors is another similar platform for accessing to quality tutors on different subjects. In addition, you can find experienced tutors to assist you in preparation for national and international exams like JAMB, TOEFL and more.

best online tutoring platforms nigeria

City tutors also offers: Translation services, vocational training, teacher recruitment services and editing/writing. [/et_pb_text][et_pb_cta _builder_version="4.0.10" title="Your Trusted E-Learning Partner " button_text="Get started now " button_url="https://elearning.flexisaf.com/" url_new_window="on" hover_enabled="0"]

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4. Proteach

top online learning sites in nigeria

Hire your perfect private tutor on ProTeach. The website promises a personalized home tutoring service by identifying learning styles and connecting you with the ideal teacher for any subject or exam.

Much like the others on this list, you can either sign up as a tutor or create a basic account to request a tutor for your child.

5. Compass tutor

online tutoring platforms in nigeria

Apply to be a private home tutor in any field or capacity ranging from home tuition, professional exam preparation and international entrance exams. Compass tutor also offers entrepreneurship skills and gives the option of online tuition for those who may be unable to attend face to face tutoring sessions.Another service offered by compass tutors is in-school tuition.

6. Prep class

Prep class connects tutors and learners on different subjects. You can get started easily either as a learner or tutor by registering on the website. The site is highly reliable and easy to use. Prospective tutors are vetted and only qualified persons are approved to start teaching. Prep class's system then matches learners and tutors within the same area.

best online tutoring platforms in nigeria

These are my personal top 6 reliable platforms for finding online tutors and for those who would like to start a career as a home tutor. Of course, there are several online tutoring sites in Nigeria which, combined are essentially aiming to bridge the gap between the struggling education sector and a well-rounded student/career professional.

Do you know any more online tutoring sites or perhaps have an addition or comment about any of the entries on this list? Leave a comment below!


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