Adamawa Poly Goes Digital

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Application for 2012/2013 academic session admission into Adamawa State Polytechnic Yola was a new experience to the polytechnic and the applicants. With about 5000 admissions awarded so far, summaries and reports of admitted students are just a click away from the different stakeholders.

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The Rector from the desk of his office (or anywhere) can be able to tell how many students applied from Adamawa State or Akwa Ibom State in real time. He can go further to see the statistics of applicants by local government and gender wise.

"It has really simplified and changed the whole admission process. Unlike previous attempts by other solution providers, this time around the polytechnic is fully involved", explained the Academic Secretary whose office is in charge of the overall process of updating applicant's status and awarding courses to the applicants. "Previously we were just being told that online application is going on but nobody really knows what is happening in the institution", he explained further.

The new online application system updates the applicants on the status of their admission during the different stages of the admission process on their mobile phones through SMS. The applicants can also log on the portal anytime to view the status of their application.

The Registrar expresses his delight on this development and is excited about the fact that he no longer has to sign over 5000 admission letters. The system generates admission letters of all successful candidates which are digitally signed.

The project, in collaboration with FlexiSAF Tech. Solutions Ltd. (a leading provider of software solutions to educational institutions in Nigeria) is set to computerize the whole students' records management of the polytechnic. By 14th January, 2013, new and returning students are expected to start their registration which is going to be electronic based (e-Registration).

Some of the features of the Students' Records Management System (SRMS) include Students and Staff Enrollment, Course Registration, Computation of Results, Results Approval and Transcript Management.

Henceforth, students can log on to SRMS to view their results and print their statement of results. The students would also get SMS alerts on the breakdown of their results.

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