HRMS Staff Apraisal Module

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Managing Academic Staff Promotions with HRMS Appraisal Module

Imagine having to work 10 years at your job without once being promoted or upgraded from one cadre to another. As difficult as it is to imagine, this is sometimes the case for staff in our higher education system. Several reasons could be given for this, but most always boil down to the manual method of appraisal being used in these institutions.

So what entails eligibility of university staff for promotion?

The usual academic staff promotions is determined by a combination of:

  1. Time in rank (the minimum allotted time to stay in a particular rank - say 3 to 4 years),
  2. Assessment of staff performance during the time in rank period,
  3. Paper publication(s) where applicable to the rank and
  4. Additional qualification where applicable to the cadre too.

Using the manual process, these appraisal criteria take a long time to process, especially for institutions with a high staff population. It also involves a cumbersome and not-so-transparent process to generate reports manually and to track why certain staff are stagnant in a particular rank for periods longer than necessary. Our SolutionFlexiSAF's automated staff appraisal feature works by keeping track of the 'time in rank' for each staff. When the time in rank is due for appraisal for moving on to the next rank, the system checks for the other promotion criteria based on the staff's current rank. For example, where a number of certain types of publication are required, the system checks on the paper publications of the particular staff within the time in rank period. The assessment scores for all criteria are then checked within this period. Finally, additional qualification where necessary is checked as per the configuration of the rank. Where all criteria are met, the tracking system notifies the appraisal admin that such staff has met the requirement and is due for promotion. The reporting system also ensures that various kinds of reports are generated such as staff due for promotion vs not due for promotion including reasons why such staff are disqualified for consideration for promotion to the next rank.Putting such a solution in place is intended to help schools save time and resources spent manually collating the relevant documents for regular staff appraisal. HRMS is extremely easy to use and provides a timely and more effective process for managing academic staff promotions. Say goodbye to delayed promotions! Come on board and try FlexiSAF's academic staff appraisal system.