FlexiSAF Doodle-Nation!

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Attention everyone! The Flexi-House introduces Doodle-Nation Extraordinaire! From now on we will post weekly doodles for you on all our social media platforms; Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram (@flexisaf), Linkedin and of course the SAFSMS website. The general -but sophisticated- idea is to educate, inform and celebrate important stuff.We've taken this on also as part of our social responsibilities. If there is a new update/feature on our products, we want you to be the first to know in a delightful and attractive way. We thought, everybody likes a good picture that can pass across a straightforward message -hence the doodles. So also when there are global days to be acknowledged or it's Independence day or we feel you should be privileged to see some cool quote we stumbled on. Also, for anyone who needs a boost to start off their day well on monday, our special edition of motivational quotes will be available with doodles carrying the #MotivationMonday tag!Here are some of the many fresh and unprecedented doodles we have now:

Flexisaf Doodle - meet john and felix

True story!

Flexisaf Doodle - world food day

A global day we are sure would like to celebrate!


Celebrating our heritage through good Patriotism!


Proving to all learners that it is always better, with ICT. #GoFlexiSAF

week 2 Doodle_Week 3

Something spectacular from 'a Unicorn in training'


For our teachers, Monday is not the end of the world...but the beginning of a new journey for a learner. Make it a good one!

flexisaf doodle - one app, different users

We emphasize FlexiSAF is for #Everyone..


With the scale weighing heavier on the positive side..

Flexisaf Doodle - made easy

So go now and check out our other pages to see other awesome doodles and feel free to share, retweet, post or even use them as wallpapers on your devices. Kind of an "If the shoe fits wear it" situation, right? :)