The Modern Teacher: 8 Qualities That Every Teacher Looking to Improve Student Learning Needs to Have

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

The modern teacher is a highly complicated individual, personally and professionally. One common fact is that the modern teacher is quick to embrace the dynamics of technology within the educational realm with the primary purpose being to drive improvement within the school. Veteran educator, Hari Krishna Arya, once said that “teachers will not be replaced by technology but teachers who do not use technology will be replaced by those who do”Quite true, the necessity to adapt to changing times by incorporating technology to change the atmosphere in the classroom, improve teaching and how students learn, is one of the many goals of the modern teacher.(Read How The Modern Teacher Improves Students' Performance EVERYTIME)Generally, the modern teacher

  • serves as a center of motivation and inspiration to the entire community
  • understands the human aspect of living not just someone who is all about academic standards or just following the national curriculum
  • believes in change and has the capacity to impart knowledge that will prepare, develop and shape many minds
  • embraces change and steps outside their comfort zone
  • learns alongside their students and are not afraid to ask others for help (in other words, a collaborative effort between teachers and students)

(Read More: A Modern Teacher is Informed in Teaching that Drives School Improvement)I've identified 8 characteristics of a modern teacher (that I think every teacher should aspire to build in order to make it in the modern world):Vulnerability: a modern teacher chooses to be open to criticism, moral attacks and other signs of weaknesses in order to understand and learn better.Co-learner: they see themselves as the individual or group they are teaching not as teachers.Courageous: they don’t wait until they’re experts before they introduce something new, they build the courage to be smart and creative.Commitment: they are dedicated to their work irrespective of the obstacle amidst it; they run towards their area of weakness.Interactive: the modern teacher allows their students to teach each other, she/he makes it an interactive session rather than the old-fashioned teaching technique. Tolerant: they step outside their comfort zone and easily adapt. They do not let any challenge deter their target goal (imparting knowledge).Dynamic: a modern teacher embraces change. Using advancements in the world of learning, they step outside their comfort zone to move into their student’s world and help them build a better and brighter future. Inquisitive: the modern teacher questions everything and believe they can conform to anything, given the right attitude and effort.

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