Why You Should Make Someone Happy Today

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

Little do we understand the value of happiness especially when we are comfortable and all our expectations are met. A lot more of us still do not have what we want or what we hope for, but that should never stop us from being happy.

Happiness is the state of mind all of us should be in at all times. Make another person happy today and you would also be happy. The sadness in the world today makes us feel demoralized and we feel like giving up when we see all that is happening. But that should never stop us from trying the best that we can towards making the people around us happy.

Before sending out this article, I thought of the little thing I can do to make someone happy and in the end, I believe sending out this article is also geared at making someone out there happy.

No matter your current situation, no matter what you are currently facing, lt your resolution be to always be happy no matter what. That the conditions around you would challenge you, but your condition would never snatch happiness away from you. You would be happy no matter what and most importantly, you would learn to make another person happy.

Consider the position you currently are and the number of people wishing to have what you currently have. Imagine how fortunate you must be to even be able to read this article, the number of people around the world who cannot access the internet is mind-blowing.

Never let the conditions of today determine your happiness. Life has its ups and downs. Go through them with grace and never let anything or anyone snatch your happiness. You can be happy no matter the situation you are in.

Start today and be happy. The world needs us to be happy.