2012/2013 Academic Session NewsLetter

Rahama Obadak
Marketing & Comms, Flexisaf

In this session's newsletter we want to take a flashback and see how amazing how time flies! It is exactly 2 sessions now since we launched the version of our new modern School Management Software, SAFSMS.

We are very excited with all the feedback we have got from you and are proud to put a smile on your faces. School owners, administrators and the staff in general are just liking it more and more.

New Picture

Our vision and focus to constantly improve and simplify the management of your school through ICT has really kept us busy and the results are re­markable. I am very excited to announce to you very important upgrades that we have done on SAFSMS:

1. Accounts

With the release of SAFSMS Accounts module, the trouble and challenge of trying different un-satisfactory school accounts software is now over. We have taken our time to carefully design the most suitable accounting software for schools. Taking advantage of the already available features of SAFSMS, we have seamlessly integrated the ac­counts module to give you the best user experience. For instance, because SAFSMS knows the exact number of students in each class, knowing the exact income that you would expect from students' fees is just a click away from you. In other words effective budgeting and keeping track of the budget (with the combination of the expenditure feature) is the end result.

With the account module, the following can be achieved:

a) School Fees Management

• Flexible School Fees Bill Design - Configuration of items that make up the school fees (e.g Uniform, tuition fees, Textbook etc)

New Picture (1)

• Ability to assign different bills for different classes or sections

Payment Details

• Ability to track payments (Part and complete pay­ments and all outstanding balances)

• Comprehensive reports on all Students' school fees payment

b) Expense Management

• Keep track of all expenses

• Comprehensive reports of all expenses for a specified duration

• Categorized expenses (e.g Transportation, Power, Sta­tionery etc) which makes it possible to generate catego­rized reports and summaries

c) Staff Payroll

Staff Payroll

• Flexible configuration of different payment levels (based on staff positions)

• Ability to manage banks and staff bank details

• Generate pay slips and bank schedule

• Comprehensive reports of monthly and annual pay­roll

d) Budget

• The Budget feature allows you to make periodical budgets and using the automatically computed expected in­come (schools fees, etc), you can track your budget and see how much is spent on each sub-head

• Reports on budget performance and summaries

2. Store and Inventory

Stock report

• Manage your school's inventory

• Request and Approval process for items in the stock

• Reports on stock-in, stock-out and available items

All these features are now available in SAFSMS 2.3 which we are rolling out in September (1st term, 2013/2014 session).


Based on our focus and continuous effort, we also have on our timeline the release of SAFSMS 3.0 in November. SAFSMS 3.0 would include the following upgrades:

• Track record on student's health history in the school's clinic

• Reports on students' medicals at the end of every term

• Capture students' JSS/SSCE (or any external result) and be able to generate statistical reports on their perfor­mance based on subjects and overall

• Graphical analysis and visual representation on the results

• Make comparison between internal results and external results and be able to assess how your students are performing

• Generate customized temstionials & statement of results automatically

1) Health/Medicals

2) JSS/SSCE Result Analysis

SAFSMS and Google

New Picture (5)

Our commitment to protect your investment and to give you a limitless guarantee on our solutions has never declined. That is why we focus on industry standards and always upgrade our range of technologies with the cur­rent trends. In this respect, SAFSMS has made it into the Google Africa's Innovation Case Studies in 2012. You may find the complete story here: www.google.com/africa/gafrica/flexisaf.html

Khan Academy

At FlexiSAF, we are very passionate about improving the quality of education in general. Closely monitoring the global trend in education, we are excited to introduce to you Khan Academy. It is highly phenomenal and has sparked a new idea of learning system in general.

Khan Academy Logo

To give you a perspective of what I am talking about, Bill Gates has this to say about it: "Khan - this teacher to the world, is giving us all a glimpse of the future of educa­tion"

In summary, Khan Academy is described as the following on the official website:

With a library of over 4,100 videos on everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and hundreds of skills to practice, Khan Academy helps students (or any interested knowledge seeker) to learn what they want, when they want, at their own pace. Khan Academy is an organization with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere.

KA Knowledge Map
Activity Piechart

Please find time to learn more about this wonderful plat­form on www.khanacademy.org.

We have recognized the potentials of Khan Academy and strongly believe that it would improve learning in our schools tremendously. And the good news is that Khan Academy is absolutely free. However the biggest chal­lenge would be Internet. High bandwidth is required to stream videos which translates into high cost.


Fortunately, the Khan Academy Offline project (KA Lite) was launched last year and FlexiSAF is taking this advan­tage to help schools deploy the offline version which does not depend on the Internet.

What's Next

"We are just starting" is our slogan at FlexiSAF. We feel we have just scratched the tip of the iceberg and are excit­ed on the journey of SAFSMS.

The list of upcoming modules and features in the near future include:

• Calendar and Time Table

• Seamless integration of SAFSMS with Moodle (the most popular e-Learning platform)

• Library Management

• School Shop Management

• Online Admission & Payment System

Most of the valuable features of SAFSMS come from you. We really appreciate your feedback and look forward to building the best school management software through our relationship and collaboration.

SAFSMS would not have made this progress in such a short time without your support and patronage. We ex­tend our warmest appreciation and gratitude.

Thank you

Faiz Bashir,